Originally published by Rod Burks of TMJ4.

MILWAUKEE, WI (June 11, 2020)—Metro Car Wash and Detailing Centre on Van Buren Street owns the title as the best in the state when it comes to detailing your ride. However, they had to make major changes to their operation when the pandemic hit.

“Definitely, when things first started we were affected a little bit,” owner Mazen Mun said. “The business did come to a screeching halt, but we modified the way the business model is. We started doing pickup and delivery and got a shuttle vehicle. We’re doing cars all the way from Green Bay to Chicago and all the way west to Madison.”

Mazen has been running the show here for 12 years. He was a one-man-band early on.

“We had to survive,” he said. “And laid off the entire staff and came in by myself every day. When it first started, it was pretty much me working with a few cars every day. Now that things are picking back up and we’re open again, we’re bringing staff back slowly.”

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